The East Rand Youth Choir is a multicultural mixed youth choir based in the East Rand and consist of 85 members from the age of 14 – 20.

The Choir represents a Community of exceptional talent and passion for music.

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The East Rand Youth Choir hosts prestigious choir festivals annually for both high school and primary school choirs. The aim of these festivals are to motivate and inspire these choirs in order to achieve true development and innovation for our youth.

The Choir is truly proud of its legacy and will continue to build on the name which is the East Rand Youth Choir.

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The Choir was established 1978 and since then has been known as one of South Africa’s top youth choirs. The Choirs name is known on
the international stage with several tours under the Choir’s belt. In 2012 Gert Pottas to leadership of the choir and started his career at
 the ERYC with a successful tour to Europe.

Choir Conductor

The Choir competed at the Musica Sacra a Roma Competition in Italy where they received a silver and Gold for their
various categories. They were also announced as the most aspiring choir of the competition with three of their pieces
 being nominated for premier piece of the competition.